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I had a positive vote in the c# tag badge category which raised my category up vote count. The up vote was undone but I still had it in my up vote count in the tag.

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Tag score statistics are cached daily (http://meta.stackoverflow.com/tags/bug/topusers) see bottom of the page.

It is too expensive to calculate these puppies on the fly (same cache is used in the tag wiki page - and hopefully in the user page some day)

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There's another issue going on though, the question/answer votes themselves (the denormalized versions) aren't being updated correctly in all cases, a vote later usually fixes it which makes me think deadlock/rollback issue still...are you guys aware of that lingering issue? – Nick Craver Oct 17 '10 at 11:53

The data is cached to avoid the expensive of hitting the dbase frequently. It will take some time for the cache to refresh.

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There's something wacky going on with vote denormalization, this is definitely a bug at the moment. I assume it's still a remnant deadlock issue where the normalized vote total update gets rolled back...but whatever the cause I'm seeing it a dozen time a day as well.

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