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I'm only interested in receiving new questions, and receiving each question once (for example, I don't care if it gets answers or comments - I don't want a question showing up in the feed more than once). However, I haven't seen this option, but I could have overlooked it.

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There is a "secret" RSS feed, intended for bots which contains all new questions (it's used for sobot in the #stackoverflow channel), but I don't think it's publicised, so I'm hesitant to link to it.. If you really want it, I guess the best thing is to email the SO team (the "contact us" link in the footer)

There's obviously there is - but that's only "popular" questions.

There's a "Planned" Uservoice ticket "Provide rss for all views "

One comment on that ticket mentions you can get a feed of all questions for a specific tag:

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I think I'll email the SO team. This "secret" feed sounds like exactly what I'm looking for. – Thomas Owens Jun 29 '09 at 16:31
@Thomas Did you get it? – Piotr Dobrogost Jul 17 '09 at 11:19

This is now possible, but only by tag.

See the RSS feeds linked on the tag view, for the "newest" tab:

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No, there is not, apart from using the data dump and creating it for yourself, which would be oddly outdated once you get it.

I support the feature.

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Yes, you can, with Yahoo Pipes. Check out my answer to this related question:

Monitoring Stack Exchange sites of interest to me

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