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I can't be sure this report isn't a duplicate, but if it is, I apologise.

I recently posted the meta(!.SO) question here containing a link to another one at the beginning. Now, detecting this, the software gleefully added a "Linked" section to the right-hand column... to, uh, a question unrelated to my link?

Curious as I am how that question was picked, can teh codez for parent and meta sites be made to ignore or recognize links to the other?

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Linked questions pop up when the links are intra-site, not inter-site.

The Math.SE public facing side would be one site, the horrors of Math.Meta another.
They won't cross-pollinate the Linked questions sidebar of each other.

Also, there may be a deleted answer or comment among the two posts that once referred to the question that does show up.

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