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I have a common(?) use-case in which I ask a question and am actively waiting for an answer (in other words wearing out my F5 key).

Should we have a feature similar to alert for new answers while editing a new answer?

This should be limited so as not to apply to all questions (as suggested here). The set of questions this feature should be used on can be narrowed down by one (or both) of the following criteria.

  1. Questions asked by me
  2. The question is new (e.g. less than an hour old)
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you could use the "Reload every..." feature of your browser (or an add-on), or use the RSS feed of the question (although that does not show comments IIRC) –  Tobias Kienzler Oct 26 '10 at 11:23
@Tobias, the RSS feed is a bit of overkill IM(ns)HO. –  Motti Oct 26 '10 at 12:27

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