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Can there be a a notification for those people that participated on the question in the past (either who asked or answered it) once it is made a bounty?

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+1 This would be very useful, especially if you have already spent some time on an answer; this can help you to improve it without having to stumble upon the bounty. – Jack May 16 '12 at 8:05
I thought I would add a comment, so you get notified that I just started a bounty on this question ;-) !!! – rolfl Jul 14 at 1:37
@rolfl: +1 because +1. – Nathan Tuggy Jul 14 at 6:52
I assumed this was already in place, I can't imagine what the downside of this could be. – SuperBiasedMan Jul 14 at 12:07
@rolfl Nice, thanks :) – Alex Angas Jul 15 at 1:32

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