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[facebook-api] and [iphone-sdk] were recently renamed:

Keeping in mind that SO is solely a programming site, the -api in [facebook-api] seems redundant and a needless split. Surely [facebook] is just as useful, and splitting these questions into [foo] and [foo-api] just makes it harder to search. There are questions involving Facebook that don't use the API, but not all of them should be tagged [facebook] in the first place. ... However, using the non-api tag supports tagging that kind of question (by lumping it in with the APIs), while still being a net gain in usefulness.

Could several other -api and -sdk tags be merged? Treat this list as a rough draft. There are a few more -api/-sdk tags where I'm less inclined to suggest renaming just yet.

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Well, keep in mind that some libraries are actually named "... SDK" or "... API". Windows has the Plaform SDK, which you might use to target the Windows API. Those aren't just descriptions - they're the official names.

I would be especially leery about stripping the "sdk" part from "visual-studio-sdk" - those are questions specific to developing software that runs within that application, vs. the many [visual-studio] questions that are merely about using the application.

I'm sure there are tags where a -sdk or -api suffix is more than a bit silly, but please be reluctant to engage in damning by pattern-matching...

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I left [windows-sdk] and [platform-sdk] out for exactly that reason (though I'm undecided), but I'm not familiar with everything listed. I want to get people to look at this, which is why it's a rough draft. – Gnome Oct 30 '10 at 4:04
+1: Visual Studio SDK is developing for Visual Studio extensions/integration, this is a different thing to a question about developing something in Visual Studio. – Richard Oct 30 '10 at 12:21
s/prefix/suffix/g – Aarobot Nov 9 '10 at 16:11