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guys, this is fishy.

the search for delphi question rises a set of answers that give the idea of : "do you realy want to do it in delphi? delphi is not going to be there tomorrow".


well thats my opinion for the top 5 result meaning.

is there a way to fix this if you agree with me?

should there be a spell checker for the search as such in google.com?

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Using the [tag] syntax, the + operator and correct spelling gets you better results, I think:

[delphi] +observer +implementation
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This is not a problem with search. This is the result of two things: first, some users posting questions and answers that imply, with varying levels of directness, that Delphi is on its last legs; and second, other users taking an interest in those posts.

I don't ever interact with Delphi myself, so I have no comment on whether the premise is actually true.

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