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I crossed 30 consecutive days 2 days ago (today is 32nd) but I didn't get an Enthusiast badge this time around.

BTW, I did change my openid this week but as per this question answered by Jeff that should make no difference.

So, is the enthusiast badge like a one time thing?


Should I expect to get it everytime I have 30 consecutive days?

If it is the latter, then "Hand over the badge p##k"? :-) :-) PS: I am feeling lucky today.

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Get all of your badge questions answered at What is each badge? Enthusiast is a one-time-only badge. – Pops Nov 3 '10 at 3:18
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Enthusiast -- Visited the site each day for 30 consecutive days.

Badges that can be awarded multiple times will say in its description "this badge can be awarded multiple times." Simple, no?

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actually it is not simple / clear atleast to me. None of the descriptions seem to explitly mention "this badge can be awarded multiple times" at – InSane Nov 3 '10 at 3:14
@InSane the individual badge pages do explicitly mention it, such as If it doesn't mention it on the page then it's not a bade you can earn more than once. – Corey Nov 3 '10 at 3:25
Aah..i get it!! Never actually saw that there were detail pages for each badge! Thanks! – InSane Nov 3 '10 at 5:20

There's always Fanatic.

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Yup...theres fanatic...and i seriously doubt i can stretch to that one..but who knows? we will see :-) – InSane Nov 3 '10 at 5:22
@InSane: Pick a time when you aren't going to go on any vacations away from internet connectivity. Know when midnight UTC is where you live. For me, it was 6 PM on standard time, 7 when on daylight saving. That made it feasible to skip a whole Saturday if needed: log in at 7:30 Friday and 5 PM Sunday and I still made progress. – David Thornley Nov 3 '10 at 13:39
@David - Thanks! That is an excellent point :-) I will note the UTC time difference. – InSane Nov 4 '10 at 8:57

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