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The [tag:tagname] syntax is now supported in the post, but the preview doesn't recognize them and show them as plain text (i.e. instead of , it is simply displayed as [tag:markdown] ).

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This is now implemented:

tags in wmd preview

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I wanted the visual feedback, so I went ahead and created a userscript for the time being that hooks into the preview code to render the tags. It also tries to address this style issue by adding in a new style rule on meta sites.

The previewed tags will also show the new tag bubbles so you can verify you linked to the correct tag. If you're linking to a main site tag from a meta though, there's currently this bug to contend with, which might make that a little less effective at the moment.

Get the Script: InstallSource

Here's a screenshot of some of different tags being rendered in the preview box on various metas:

Preview of rendered tag Markdown

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+1 nice job -- although I'm afraid it's a little bit of wasted efforts; this is in the short-term queue already :) Also, a little but report: As you can see in the source of this very question, it doesn't honor the code syntax. – balpha Feb 4 '11 at 6:14
@balpha Hahah, well, that's better anyway :) Argh, you're right...that's why I leave the real feature-making up to you guys, heh. I'll see if there's anything that can be easily done about that this late in the processing, for the sake of correctness. – Tim Stone Feb 4 '11 at 6:21

From the post you linked to...

This is done on post submission*, and for now isn't reflected in the editor preview.

(emphasis mine)

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