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I have encountered a problem when trying to introduce new people to the SE network: they can't remember Stack Exchange.

So, for example, I might tell a non-tech user: "You should ask your question on this cooking website, it's called" They remember the cooking part very easily (or the diy, or gaming, etc..), but they tend to forget the stackexchange part.

So what I propose is that we buy domains for all Area 51 site proposals that end in *.se. So, for example, would be magically transformed into

I understand that it isn't a .com but it could be forwarded to *

Most (if not all) of the domains should be available since this is a Swedish domain. I'm not 100% sure if non-Swedish compaines/people can register these domains but it looks like they can.

This is not the same as this question since it proposes we use * Also the accepted answer for this question was basically that "all sites will get their own .com once they leave beta," which we now know isn't the plan.

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FYI, cooking has a redirect from Obviously that doesn't apply to every SE. – Aarobot Nov 6 '10 at 18:13
@Aarobot: Yeah, just like webapps has I actually still use that domain to get to the site because it's just stuck in my head. – Dexter Nov 6 '10 at 18:16
I suggested talking to the owners of a few months back. They rent out names. Most meaningful swedish .se names are already taken, among them cooking. Most popular english terms are taken in all TLDs around the world – Pëkka Nov 6 '10 at 19:02

This was basically declined in a long-ago post that said the team was only interested in .com domains.

Actually, turns out it was a post on the SO blog: Domain Names

  1. Please don’t think that it’s necessary to use a domain name that reflects something going wrong. We picked the name “Stack Overflow” because it has some meaning for real programmers, not because it reflected a bug or problem. “Super User” is just as good a name. I get depressed by all these suggestions of “”, “”, and “” (for former owners of McDonald’s franchises, of course).
  2. Look for jargon that has meaning to the group of people you want to attract. Insider jargon is the duck call of insiders. Look at me! If I can say “contributory negligence,” I must be a real lawyer!
  3. .coms are a million times better than other TLDs.
  4. A domain name should be readable over the phone. Even on AT&T Wireless. Tricky spellings are always a bad idea. Similarly, dashes reek of desperation.
  5. Long names are not the end of the world. Using two or three words (or a couple of digits) is a good way to find available domains.

(emphasis mine)

To be fair, other parts of this post were overturned after a pretty big community outcry; see the later blog post Domain Names: The Wrong Question.

Looks like this proposal was actually made in a comment to that first blog post by Vortico, too:

The .se TLD (Sweden, ) could be used as a pseudo-URL shortener for SE sites, much like Google uses to redirect to certain company pages.

Imagine typing “” to redirect to “”. This would not only strengthen the brand of StackExchange but make the address easier to type and relate to other SE sites.

share|improve this answer is in fact available, but many many other important SE domains are not (cooking, bicycling...) – Pëkka Nov 6 '10 at 18:53
".coms are a million times better than other TLDs.": That means we just have to register a million Swedish domains per site. – Mechanical snail Oct 7 '11 at 2:14

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