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On my user prefs page, under the "Miscellaneous" heading, I spied this:


Two questions:

  • Is the second option talking about email notifications or some other kind of notification?
  • Why is one checkbox an opt-in and the other an opt-out?

Assuming both refer to email notifications, I suggest it may be less confusing to change the header to "Email Notifications" and invert the state/label of the second option.

(And yeah, I know this is a silly nitpick.)

share|improve this question can either agree to receiving eMail notifications, or opt out of receiving site notifications? ...Makes sense, but the wording is a little strange. – GnomeSlice Jan 21 '11 at 20:01
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The second is not for email notifications. It is for the notification bar that occasionally appears at the top of the site (like when you earn a badge, for instance).

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