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I'm sorry for the very cryptic title but I couldn't come up with a better wording.

Many SE websites have two names:

  • The first is basically a description of what the website is about, such as Food and Cooking.
  • The second is a "funny" name: Seasoned Advice.

Since the funny name is usually in the header image (such as on cooking) it's likely that most of the visitors will use Seasoned Advice to refer to the cooking website.

But there has been zero SEO effort to get the website in google search results for the "funny" name. In fact:

This leads to extremely poor SEO performance: see this search.

I think it should be something very important to get right, because if I tell my friend to go to "seasoned advice" and they can't find it through google then they'll probably give up.

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I'm guessing this is intentional: – Pops Nov 8 '10 at 19:15

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