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This is the room. I'm the room admin & creator.

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Room owners can't unfreeze a room; you need a moderator to do it. You could mod flag something and ask that way, or you'll usually find some in The Assembly.

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I see that there is not much activity in The Assemly these days, it was even frozen for inactivity. Is is still a good place to go with request to unfreeze a room? Would Tavern on the Meta be a reasonable alternative? It seems to be rather active these days. Are there other suitable rooms? –  Martin Jun 10 at 7:08
Clarification: the mods in question are per-site mods, right? So apple.se mods can unfreeze apple.se chat rooms? –  Sparr Jun 10 at 15:55
@Sparr Any moderator can unfreeze any room, the only time site matters is dealing with private rooms (unless you're talking about Stack Overflow chat; naturally only Stack Overflow mods can help you there) –  Michael Mrozek Jun 10 at 15:57
FWIW Tavern was also recommended here by Shadow Wizzard. –  Martin Jun 11 at 9:55

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