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Currently I am planning an open source project using VOIP over HTML5 websockets which uses HTML Media Capture which only released 2 months ago.

My question is, am I allowed to ask people who are interested to join this project on StackOverflow, or should I used a paid option at careers.stackoverflow?

Info about the project on StackOverflow: implementing voip using html5 websockets.

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Given that you're trying to solicit support for a Open Source project, I think you should consider this instead: Open Source Advertising - Sidebar - 2H 2010.

Create a simple advert for your project, then wait for it to get shown on SO as an advert. Other than that, I don't think there are any good option for getting help with your project.

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It's certainly not a technical question with correct answers, so it's not an SO question. If you want to pay for a Careers listing, I suppose that's fine, but I suspect there are better ways to go about recruitment.

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I would consider any type of solicitation (whether for volunteers, open source, employment, contributions, etc) as off-topic and should be flagged as spam.

Yi Jiang's and Popular Demand's answer provides reasonable alternatives to accomplish your task.

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