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I notice when I visit the main page of I see a distinctly different list of questions than when I click on the "Questions" link that takes me to What's the difference between these two sets of questions?

I notice that the list I see on when I first visit the site seems to be biased toward my interesting tags, but not all of the questions that show up contain a tag I've marked as interesting. How are these selected? Is there an algorithm trying to determine other questions outside my interests that I might want to look at? Are the questions chosen by recency, least answers, longest time without an accept, etc.? And is the more just the overall list of the most recent questions?

Just curious. Thanks!

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the Questions page is a simple flat list of unfiltered questions, with whatever sort tab you have selected.

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Thanks! That's really interesting. Teach me to not keep up with the blog... – Brent Nash Nov 23 '10 at 6:36

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