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I know this is similar to this question which was also a duplicate of another question. However, neither have been answered sufficiently so I am posting again hoping to get good answers or at least get the other question(s) noticed. It also has additional criteria so I don't think it should be considered a duplicate.

What I think we are looking for are more search capabilities like as follows:

answers:0 hasbounty:50 [cocos2d]

(This would find questions with no answers that have a bounty of atleast 50 that are tagged cocos2d.)

Other cool types of search options could be:

isfeatured (which would include questions listed in the featured tab in the search criteria)

since:01/12/2010 (would include questions posted since January 12 2010)

before:06/12/2010 (would include questions posted before June 12 2010)

questionrep:1000 (would include questions posted by users with atleast 1000 rep)

answerrep:1000 (would include questions with answers posted by users with atleast 1000 rep)

---Please post your cool search criteria ideas here too!

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