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I noticed a question posted to the front page with a title of "jfklsad jfklsdj flksdj flksd flskdjf sldkj fklsd jfklsd jfklsd jfksld jflskdfj sdiojfsladfk ;sd".

Thinking that this was finally my chance to earn my "Citizen Patrol" badge, I opened the question only to find that the question was normal.

I opened the user page for "ginius", the user who posted the question, and sorted by "Most Recent". As I refreshed the page, I saw titles with gibberish text appear, then disappear as a high-rep user would roll back the question to its original state. As an example, look at this revision history. To my knowledge, this is still occurring (8:37PM PST).

What's going on?

Edit: The account in question has been "temporarily suspended", so it looks like someone caught it. In the future, what actions should lower-rep users such as myself take when several of a user's posts are being modified? Should we just flag the affected posts, or is there a way to bring a particular user to the attention of a moderator?

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wow, that was some pretty crappy editing. What could he have been thinking? –  Greg Nov 28 '10 at 6:09
In the future, I guess this won't happen too much unless someone feels pissed of (which I guess was the case here after revision 4...), credentials (or session cookies...) are compromised: one needs quite some reputation to get edit rights, and as one can see the "fun" of abuse doesn't live too long. –  Arjan Nov 28 '10 at 8:14
@Greg, it seems to me that this user tried to re-use an old question for a new question (in this post: revision 4 and up) and then lost their temper when folks rolled back that change. If true, then too bad someone still doesn't know how things work after over 50 questions. –  Arjan Nov 28 '10 at 8:20

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Flagging is your best first response. You can also email the team@ address for the site you are on.

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