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I was using a wifi connection with a stackexchange site and entering a new post. I kept entering different tags and no suggestions and I was getting suspicious. I knew I used one of the tags before. I moved to another location and the suggestions started showing up. OK so it's a network issue. The laptop connection LED is on all the time but the browser was still having issues with the web service.

The user needs to know when this is happening. The tag field through Javascript can detect key presses and loss of results from the web service and from that point can display some visual cue that something is wrong. This is an issue with new StackExchange sites which have very few tag sin their database and therefore it's hard to know what tag to use.


show some kind of progress bar when typing so the user knows there's some background processing happening.


keep showing something like 'nothing found' while entering partial tags until some tag is found.


(your idea here)

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Where are you at? South Pole and the satellite dipped below the horizon? – Uphill Luge Nov 29 '10 at 1:17
and the purpose of this comment is.. !? – Tony_Henrich Jan 17 '11 at 8:08

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