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We are having connections issues with the Trilogy sites (and SE sites). Time outs, long waits for ajax calls etc. It usually works ok if I click things (links, buttons) twice or refresh. But the first request almost always has random requests (js, css, ajax calls, etc..) that hang.

  • This behavior is the same on all our workstations behind our firewall, so I am assuming our firewall is to blame.
  • This has been the case for well over a year now, don't recall when it started. Could cope until now.
  • The firewall is a Clear OS box. Running the latest version, have upgraded/updated several times since this issue started. Have even replaced the hardware box with a fresh install.
  • This behavior does not happen on other web sites. It is consistent on the Trilogy sites however.
  • Running Firebug, shows the hang requests, but they are always random, and always 1 or 2 instances. Most of the time they do eventually return data, but after up to 2 minutes wait.

Any tips on continuing to troubleshoot this issue?

Update Here is FireBug's output of a typical request: alt text

Update 2 This has gotten worse. Sites are almost unusable. Gone through several firewall upgrades, changed ISPs. Upgraded browsers, still happens on all workstations on our LAN. Typical Firebug output:enter image description here

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have been getting a similar issue (refer…) - I was surprised to see you're running clear os as I am too (Clear OS Enterprise verison 5.2). – Greg Mar 14 '12 at 11:42

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