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Possible Duplicate:
When creating an answer, accidental Tab can ruin the session

When I try to ask a question on SO with IE8, press Tab, go back to the edit box, do it again, etc., two things happen:

  1. The text of the Post Your Answer button changes (dots appear)
  2. The page freezes and I can't edit my post; I can only close the tab

I don't know whether this is an issue with my IE or a general bug.


dots prepended to the label of the answer posting button

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A workarround is to put a selectable anchor between the wmd-textarea and the button, with a tabindex set accordingly.

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Confirmed, IE should switch to compatibility view automatically.

Error location: wmd.js?v=3297 character 22805 Error: text attribute cannot be set, unexpected method call or attribute access.

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