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I pay attention to a group of tags by looking at the following URL:


That works fine, and when you click on the 'Featured' tab, you get a list of the items featured. However, the (non-zero) number of featured questions does not show up in the original page (the URL above), whereas if you look at only a single tag, you do get the non-zero number of featured questions next to the featured tab.

This is the case whether you or or and the tags together.

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As it happens, the "featured" tab has worked for composite tags for a considerable time, which you can see by visiting tabs in a particular order, for example:

this is actually now showing you the featured questions for either tag, but the tab-header is conspicuously absent. However, starting from the next deploy, the "featured" tab works fully (including the tab-header / count) in all scenarios. Enjoy.

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