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  • in order to understand the background of a question via a tag
  • as a user of with low reputation (< 100)
  • I want more initial tagwikis being created that provide a short definition what the tag means.

Possible scenarios:

  • Lowering the rules to create a wiki for a tag. Currently 1500 reputation points are required. A "top 20 answerer" for a tag will rarely look at the definition for that tag.
  • Somebody creating a new tag must provide a short definition for the tag.
  • Discuss the tag-definition as a regular question with answers that can be regulary voted like other questions. If the vote count is high enough its text will become the wiki-tag.


A few minutes ago I stumbled over this question: how-do-you-handle-adding-something-like-devise-authentication-in-bdd-stories

It is tagged with . When following the link, I got the info that there is no tag wiki for this tag.

I found out that that "devise" has something to do with Ruby's open-source project "cucumber" but there was no way to put this information into stackoverflow because I don't have enough reputation.

There are several tags with no tag wiki.

See also:

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