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StackOverflow could be very useful for my company, e.g. for new employees looking for answers on how company processes work. Is there a way to buy SO as a product and to deploy it internally ? For obvious confidentiality reasons, there is no way we would accept a (private) hosted version.

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I'm afraid this is not possible.

Extract from this blog post announcing changes to Stack Exchange.

Q: I am interested in licensing the Stack Overflow source code.

A: As a part of our new focus on serving large, internet-sized communities, we are no longer offering the Stack Overflow software.

Q: I am interested in creating a private, internal Stack Exchange inside my organization.

A: We no longer offer such a product.

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to add to Barry's excellent answer, the only way to create sites on our engine is documented at – Jeff Atwood Dec 7 '10 at 9:30

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