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Is it possible to link my Meta user to my user? If so, are there any advantages?

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Why you want to link your account :) – geek Dec 9 '10 at 17:25
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They are already linked - check the Accounts tab of your profile on either site.

Benefits of linking accounts

If questions are migrated to Meta then you will still own them.

If you had more than 200 rep on one site then you'd get a 100 point bonus.

You can get this bonus when you hit 200 points by breaking and then remaking the association.

Meta Stack Overflow is special in that it has a separate rep from it's parent, but the same arguments apply for linking Stack Overflow, Super User, Web Apps, Gaming etc. accounts.

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Actually, the Meta sub-site for StackOverflow is separate from StackOverflow whereas the Meta sub-sites for other StackExchange sites are linked to their main sites. For example, uses the same account as, but has a different account from Obviously this is because when new sites were spawned, they eventually got their own Metas instead of sharing one, but StackOverflow still has an independent Meta. – Synetech Feb 22 '11 at 2:19

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