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Feature Request:

When a user returns to Stackoverflow, and his/her answer history is well known, suggest unanswered questions that he/she might be able to answer.

For instance:

  • If 'User A' has answered 50 C# questions, then he/she is well positioned to answer two C# questions that were asked 15 minutes ago.
  • So call these out to 'User A' when he/she loads Stackoverflow.
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Really? So somebody who's answered 50 questions on ASP.NET MVC is well positioned to answer one on WPF, because they're both tagged [c#]? This is incredibly naïve and annoying solution to a problem that's already been solved. – Aarobot Dec 9 '10 at 21:42
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With the new "interesting" sort on the front page of SO, I would probably be annoyed by this. I've answered a bunch of c# questions, but there are so many c# questions, and only a small percentage are answerable by me.

It would be obnoxious to have to close a banner:

Would you like to answer "I want ecommerse web in c# send codez" or "What is the memory usage of the oracle c# driver library" right now?

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I'd say it's already [status-completed] - that's exactly what the New and Improved Homepage is supposed to do. See this blog entry, and the Homepage tag on Meta.

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