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Currently there are a large number of iPhone tags:

Most of them have a very small number of questions and may be appropriate to keep individual, but there are 2 heavily used tags that are basically synonymous:

  1. (~5000 questions)
  2. (~2000 questions)

Almost any question about iphone-sdk is about programming the iPhone. While the other direction may not be strictly true if you include jailbroken devices, looking at the 5,000 questions and the 2000 questions less than 2% even mention the word jailbreak, much less are about jailbroken phones.

I propose that the tag be merged into the tag.

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I hate to bump threads, but we really ought to do something about this.

As I see it, there are two types of development topics directly related to the iPhone: iphone-web and iphone-app.

There are currently the following tags that I think could be merged into iphone-app:

  • rspec-iphone-sdk
  • iphone-sdk
  • iphone-sdk-3.0
  • iphone-sdk-3.1
  • iphone-sdk-2.2.1
  • iphone-sdk-2
  • iphone-sdk-documentation
  • iphone-development
  • iphone-developer-program
  • iphone-app
  • iphone-dev

And iphone-web:

  • iphone-web
  • iphone-web-app

And iphone:

  • iphone-3gs
  • iphone+post
  • iphone-touch

I recently tried to make a post about an issue related to iPhone development on SO, and realized that there were more tags than I could possibly cover within the limit of 5.

Are there "best practices" for consolidating tags? Could I just go do it, or would that be frowned upon?

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Threads are made for bumping. – Ladybug Killer Jan 11 '10 at 13:13

Tag Breakdown

  • 5077 iphone
  • 1930 iphone-sdk
  • 124 iphone-sdk3.0
  • 73 iphone-simulator
  • 29 iphone-web
  • 23 iphone+uiwebview ???
  • 13 cocos2d-iphone
  • 9 iphone-developer-program
  • 8 iphone-os
  • 7 iphone-3.0
  • 6 iphone-application
  • 5 iphone-3gs
  • 4 iphone-web-app
  • 2 iphone-privateapi
  • 2 iphone-sdk-3.0
  • 2 iphone-sdk-documentation

One each of:

  • iphone+post
  • iphone-2.2-firmware
  • iphone-accessory
  • iphonecoredatarecipes
  • iphone-privateapis
  • iphone-sdk-2.2.1
  • iphone-sdk-3
  • iphonevideo
  • rbiphonetest
  • rspec-iphone-sdk

You can't actually see any of the questions tagged iphone+uiwebview on the iphone+uiwebview tag page, unless they happen to also have both iphone and uiwebview.

Finding this out has lead me to ask this question.

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Fascinating, whether or not they are removed, I suspect quite a few tags should be changed from + to hyphens – Louis Gerbarg Jul 20 '09 at 7:49
Oh, and I am not proposing merging the subtags like iphone-sdk3.0 into iphone, clearly that adds additional information, unlike iphone-sdk. iphone-3.0 vs iphone-sdk3.0 is an interesting debate, but there are vanishingly few of those tags, it is not a huge change. – Louis Gerbarg Jul 20 '09 at 7:52
I actually do think that tags such as 3.0 should be merged in as well, now that that is what everybody is developing in. – bpapa Nov 2 '09 at 18:24

I see iPhone-sdk as a tag which should be a more specific pointer towards questions which are directly linked to the SDK portion of iPhone development. I don't see any reason to be merging them, honestly. I've always been a fan of the broad + specific tagging convention where questions would be tagged both iPhone (gathering a larger audience) and iPhone-sdk (telling that audience specifically where they are having a problem).

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The concept of broad+specific is great, but as practical matter that is not how these tags are currently used. Over 90+% (probably 99+%) of questions tagged iPhone are iPhone SDK related, and a significant number of iphone-sdk tagged questions are NOT tagged iphone, the effect is that we have one type of content spread over two tags – Louis Gerbarg Jul 20 '09 at 1:11

These tags now has roughly twice as many questions as Louis first listed.

Personally, the fact that these tags are split is prohibiting me from getting a look at all of the new questions that are tagged iPhone-sdk. On pretty much every stack overflow visit I am looking at a page with a question tagged "iPhone." So I click that tag and see if there are any new questions to answer. If somebody tags their question iPhone-sdk then I'm going to miss it.

I could do advanced search options but... no. I'm not going to do that. It's not one click that fits into my regular workflow. I can't think of any good reasons why the tags shouldn't be merged.

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Apart from the tags already listed by others, there are also iPad, iPod-touch, and recently iOS respective apple-ios.

Some of the questions tagged ipad apply to iPad-specific features, but many apply to the iPhone as well (and are mostly tagged iPhone, too). Most of the questions tagged iPod-touch however, apply to the iPhone as well.

Maybe it should all be iOS.

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FYI, [apple-ios] (to distinguish from [cisco-ios]) is the iOS tag. – waiwai933 Jun 20 '10 at 15:23

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