Some users that have overcame the mark of 400 points quite a long time ago still haven't got their silver badges. Is it a bug, or I miss something.

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From the badges?tab=tags page:

You must have a total score of 400 in at least 80 non-community wiki answers to achieve this badge.

So if they've answered less than 80 questions they won't get the badge.

Checking the top users page I see that Daniel has answered 79 questions and Vasil 72, so indeed they don't qualify.

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aaaaaah! thx for clarification - I didn't know about 80 non-community wiki answers rule –  Vasil Remeniuk Dec 10 '10 at 10:48
@vasil - also it's 20 answers for bronze and 200 answers for gold. –  ChrisF Dec 10 '10 at 11:18
thank you! good to know –  Vasil Remeniuk Dec 10 '10 at 11:22
I was also surprised by this recently, after passing 1000 upvotes in a tag, but with only ~140 answers. Obviously I need to be spamming more low-quality answers to get my average back down instead of getting 6-10 upvotes all the time. :( –  McCannot Dec 10 '10 at 14:51
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