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As of last night, the per-top-user "up-vote" counts that are over 1000 are displayed rounded to a hundred (e.g. user with 1105 will show "1.1k" instead). As an example, see Perl tag.

I am guessing this has a reason (Jon Skeet's counts would be 5-6 characters wide, although 2 character savings doesn't seem like much win IMHO - see this MSO post), but this makes the exact # of up-votes unavailable. Is there any hidden switch/setting to show real non-rounded #s?


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One of the things most SO users don't realize is that a lot of stuff in the SO interface have the title attribute applied to them - this is one of the case. Hover over the rep for more than a second, and your browser should show it in the form of a tooltip:

alt text

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WOW! I guess one can learn programming related stuff even from MSO! I didn't realize you can do title attribute on a span tag - I usually only try hover-over above images! Thanks! – DVK Dec 10 '10 at 13:49
@DVK The title attribute can usually be used for most HTML elements - for accessibility reasons – Yi Jiang Dec 10 '10 at 13:54

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