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Isn't the “vote too old to be changed” a little too eager?

I think that voting should take at least a day to lock in. Someone could vote down accidentally on a good post, and then, 5 min later, the vote would be locked in.

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See Does reducing the window to change votes really solve the tactical downvoting problem? for the reasoning, and the outcome of Why can't I change my vote if the post has been edited during the initial 5mn grace period? for a more recent relaxing to 5 minutes. (And may I suggest you get to learn these sites a bit before making all these suggestions...? Welcome!) –  Arjan Dec 13 '10 at 20:31
@Arjan: Ok :P :D –  Linuxmint Dec 13 '10 at 20:41
There are legitimate times where vote lock-in is a pain (even though it does serve a useful purpose), but I'm not seeing "Someone could vote down accidentally on a good post, and then, 5 min later, the vote would be locked in." If it takes you more than 5 minutes to reverse an accidental downvote you're doing something wrong –  Michael Mrozek Dec 13 '10 at 21:40
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I disagree.

Whenever that happens, one could just post a comment with a friendly request to make a minor edit in the post so that the downvote can be removed, or just edit the post themselves if one has enough reputation to edit other's posts.

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