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Suggestion to have a Versatile badge for those who have good rep in multiple SE sites.

This is to recognize users active across sites - similar to the combined flair but a badge to go along with it.

This could be 3 tier

Bronze > 200 in at least 7 sites (or some similar threshold)

Silver > 1000 in 10 sites

Gold > 3000 in 10 sites

The badge would be awarded once per site, so if you qualify for Bronze you would get 7 badges at one shot. That might not be a good idea though, I admit.

Any thoughts?


The community at have suggested the following titles

swiss-army knife, polymath, sage, Da Vinci, homo universalis, protean (Gold), multifaceted, all-rounder.

Though polymath has already been discussed earlier for Generalist

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If the badge is cross site, it should be awarded to the area51 account.

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Even if they've never used Area51? – Marc Gravell Dec 27 '10 at 9:13

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