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Sometimes, when I obtain a answer for a question I raised another question.I would ask my questions in a way that will see that these questions are related to other questions I ask before. I thing this is interesting because it provides a kind of knowledge that not only solve isolated questions but also make projects. Until now I´ve been puttig hyperlinks in my questions with other related questions I did before but I wonder if there other way to generate a kind of information oriented to make projects and not only to get answer for isolated questions. I think the solution is more than putting tags, I am looking for a resource that can be define projects, the differents part that they have and find interesting questions solved before for parts of the project you are doing. Thank you!

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There's the "Related" box on the right, but apart from that - would these Projects be useful to someone other than the asker? I'm not convinced of that: it may be useful to me to get a reference for the time that I need OpenCV and jQuery and PostgreSQL, but who else will benefit from the Project formed by these disparate technologies?

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