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don't you think that Stack Overflow's FAQ should mention that posts should be written in English?

I understand that, since the site itself is English-oriented, it should be clear. Also, there haven't been any problem until now. Nonetheless, clear rules are better than implicit rules, to me :-)

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Probably no need. Non-English questions are extremely rare.

clear rules are better than implicit rules

I would say, less rules is clearer.

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Oh, wir gebrauchen schon ganz freiwillig die englische Sprache. [Oh well, we already use the English language completely voluntarily.]

Fact is that German Q&A sites similar to Stack Overflow simply lack the necessary number of users to get your problems solved in a short time. If I want answers, I have to post them here on one of the sites.

If I would post my questions in German, the expected result would be similarly frustrating. I haven't tried.

I've noticed that a number of helpers will silently fix my worst typos (thanks to you) and I can concentrate on the problem to solve.

And all that works without written rules.

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Ни слова не понял. – ЯegDwight Dec 17 '10 at 21:23
+1 The wiki-style format allows moderators to clarify the wording of the question. – zourtney Dec 17 '10 at 22:28
Yeah if we pointed out we were cleaning up basic grammar issues it would be annoying ;) ... what I hate is when the post is so poorly written in English that I'm afraid I'm going to lose something of value on "cleanup" – jcolebrand Dec 18 '10 at 0:40

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