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I have a quick question

Did I just spent an hour filling my CV just to be told I have to pay $19 for it to be searchable?


Now that's annoying. I mean, I realize that stack overflow needs funding and all, but please let people know before they fill they CVs.

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I see this on the "Edit your CV" page:

alt text

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No, I think it isn't (I missed it at least) ... – droope Dec 18 '10 at 12:01
@droope I just tested it with a new account and it definitely is always visible. (I might have overlooked it too, but I don't think the team can be blamed here - it is pretty clear) – Pëkka Dec 18 '10 at 12:04
Yeah, i've looked back and it's pretty clear. – droope Dec 20 '10 at 11:30

I now understand ( I have read the FAQ ).

The fee is in order to prove that you are relly interested in getting a job.

Sorry (still very annoying) :P

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