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Will the site be celebrating the festive season at all?

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We could have a Christmas tree and a heap of presents: :D – Goran Jovic Dec 18 '10 at 17:06
Does someone want to port cornify to reindeerify? – Ether Dec 18 '10 at 17:35
If OP was American I'd assume we were being baited into the War on Christmas(TM) ;) – Brad Mace Dec 19 '10 at 1:27
@Ether I think Yi Jiang does! :-) – The Unhandled Exception Dec 22 '10 at 13:50
We could always add special holiday hats and crates that you need to pay $2.49 to open. Oh wait, sorry, that's Team Fortress 2. – Powerlord Dec 22 '10 at 16:08
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Introducing the

StackExchange™ Christmasify™ Decoratingnator™

Yes, that is a jsfiddle link - SO won't allow JavaScript in anchors for security reasons.

Bookmark the link you see, and run the bookmarklet repeatedly. I'll let the results speak for themselves:

alt text

Alternatively, run repeatedly this in your browser's developer tools console:

(function(){if(window.merryChristmas){;}else{var s=document.createElement('script');s.src='';document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(s);}})();

(Wait a second after the first run for the script to load first before Chrismersifying to your heart's content)

As a bonus, here's a userstyle to let all of you enjoy the Christmas spirit all the time without having the click on that bookmarklet all the time:

alt text

alt text

Now working with chat too!

In addition, if you want just the snow, use this script:

var s = document.createElement('script');
s.src = '';

The script will also run on other websites, though not as nicely. I'll work on the script for a little longer, so things might break occasionally. Any suggestions welcome!

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An eyebreaking work of staggering gaudiness :) – j_random_hacker Dec 22 '10 at 9:41
You are a dangerously insane person :P – Tim Stone Dec 22 '10 at 9:41
@TimStone Why thank you! – Yi Jiang Dec 22 '10 at 9:43
@j_random Customers who enjoyed this userstyle also enjoyed the Hot Dog Stand Theme – Yi Jiang Dec 22 '10 at 9:51
I want to upvote but this answer is missing a certain something... Could you perhaps do something to the image that might highlight what the script does? – The Unhandled Exception Dec 22 '10 at 13:47
Love the christmas decoration! I need to get me that user style. – Pëkka Dec 22 '10 at 14:42
The green/red bar kinda makes me want to cry. – karlphillip Dec 22 '10 at 17:10

Stack Overflow's web server will be serving additional cookies.

Set-Cookie: flavour1="cinnamon";
            expires=Sat, 25-Dec-2010 08:00:00 GMT;

Set-Cookie: flavour2="chocolate chip";
            expires=Sat, 25-Dec-2010 08:00:00 GMT;
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Only for users who have been good for the whole year, though. – balpha Dec 18 '10 at 17:16
what counts as being good on Stack Exchange? – studiohack Dec 18 '10 at 18:18
@studiohack You have to ask that on meta.santa.northpole.xmas – balpha Dec 18 '10 at 19:12
@balpha: your dead-end link took me to the middle of nowhere...big white empty space. you sure? – studiohack Dec 18 '10 at 19:35
@studiohack Sounds about right. If you see a little gnome dressed in green with weird shoes trying to feed reindeers: That's Jeff. – balpha Dec 18 '10 at 20:00
@balpha: I see. good to know. – studiohack Dec 18 '10 at 20:01
I'm not coming unless there's milk too – Brad Mace Dec 19 '10 at 1:28
@bemace there might be milk using HTML 5 local storage but you'd need a really modern browser for that – Pëkka Dec 19 '10 at 2:59
@bemace If someone brings IE6, there'll be milk (albeit, spoiled).… – Zach Johnson Dec 21 '10 at 19:13

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