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That's my first question to meta, so, pls don't minus me for maybe newbie question :)

Suppose, I have read some question in, I liked it and I would like to see the future discussion of this question. AFAIK, the only opportunity to do it through the site is to save it in favorites. But, in fact, it is not favourite, it is not some smart question. It is only the question I would like to know the answer. I want to save link to it temporarily. I really think, that it is so common thing, when people want to know the answer to some questions, but don't add the question to favourites, because.. it is not favourite at all. Why not make such opportunity? I also think, that people would add hundreds of question to such 'notable but not favourite enough' question-bucket, whereas only few to 'really favourite' question-bucket. that is the main difference.

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What's the cost of adding it to your favorites? The only major advantage of favorites over, say, browser bookmarks is that you get notified of changes to them... – Shog9 Dec 20 '10 at 6:10
yes, the only advantage, but isn't it enough? The cost of adding it to my favourites, is that I want my favourites store only important for me questons. I don't want to look at 1.000 question-bucket. But what are you doing indeed? use browser bookmarks or add them to your favourites and then delete from it? Are there such questions you wanted to read the post with answer, but it is not appeared yet, and you just close the question. – Max Dec 20 '10 at 6:26

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