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Possible Duplicate:
How do “badges” work?

For badges that are tied to a specific vote count (for example, a badges for 50 up votes on a particular reply) once the badge is awarded, if the reply is then voted down below the threshold, is the badge retracted or removed?

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No, you get to keep it.

However, the next time you have a qualifying post for the same badge, if the first post hasn't gone over the threshold again, you will not receive an additional badge of the same type because it "made up" for the one you "don't have" -- if that makes sense.

The only other way a non-tag badge will be revoked is if a dev made a mistake and they need to do a manual recalculation of badges.

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No, badges are not removed except in very special circumstances (e.g. if badges are awarded erroneously by some new script).

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