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Currently 32 questions are tagged with retag on Stack Overflow, 30 of them with only this tag. Who would volunteer to manually retag some of them?

(I assume those questions ended up with this tag as a result of some automatic process(?).)

Update: Thanks to the volunteers the list above is now empty, but close votes were cast on these

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Did somebody already handle this? –  mmyers Dec 21 '10 at 19:41
Some of these look like more about programing practice/learning than coding. Shouldn't they be migrated to programmers.stackexchange.com ? –  user150068 Dec 21 '10 at 19:56
I'll take a look as well. I also suggest to vote the closed ones for delete. –  Chichiray Dec 21 '10 at 20:15
@Alejandro: that's currently not possible yet. –  Chichiray Dec 21 '10 at 20:25
Definitely need a lot more close votes going on. –  Lance Roberts Dec 21 '10 at 20:25
As of now, all those close candidates are already closed. –  Chichiray Dec 22 '10 at 13:32
This is a bad question, but a real one... I think it is a wrong close reason. –  user150068 Dec 22 '10 at 15:06
The same here. This should be off topic, leaving a comment to ask that in Programmers –  user150068 Dec 22 '10 at 15:08
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2 Answers

Done, but BalusC was also taking care of some.

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thanks for the effort. –  Peter Mortensen Dec 22 '10 at 9:40
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I've retagged about 10 topics (most of them fall in language-agnostic category) and voted the closed ones for delete. Currently there's nothing left.

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thanks for the effort. –  Peter Mortensen Dec 22 '10 at 9:39
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