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The email notifier always sends the notification with the same exact subject line. As a result gmail bundles them all together as the same "conversation".

So after only a few days being subscribed to some tag set I get this in my inbox:

alt text

Since I have a filter to label such messages and skip the inbox, and since I (like many users) don't delete messages but archive them, the end result is a DOS attack on my gmail :)

alt text

It's 14 by now, but will probably grow very big very soon.

The easy fix is to add a date to the subject line.

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daamn, that was a quick fix. thanks. – Assaf Lavie Dec 23 '10 at 4:09
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Done. The subject line now looks like:

"12/22 New questions in [your] tag set - Stack Exchange"

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But there are only 12 months in a year...What if I don't write my dates backwards? – Jon Dec 23 '10 at 14:27

Are you proposing that daily emails get a date in the subject line?

Because for the

  • every 3 hours
  • every 15 minutes

case, what you're seeing is what I would consider to be correct behavior.

I can see for daily summaries where this might not be desirable, though.

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Actually, adding the date for the 15 minute or 3 hour emails seems like a good fix, because then they get grouped together for that day (instead of 96 emails flooding your inbox) – David Fullerton Dec 22 '10 at 18:11

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