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How do I actually get to the wiki so that I can edit it? I received the alert bar across the top on with "You can now edit the Wiki!", but, I don't see a link for "Wiki" for me to edit anywhere on

Much respect, but, usability fail.

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Community Wiki posts are not separate; rather, they are posts which the author has marked as community wiki. These posts are designed to allow as many people to contribute as possible without allowing spammers in.

Community Wiki posts can be identified because they do not display an avatar; furthermore, you will see an edit link even though they are not your on posts.

The option to make posts community wiki is a small checkbox in the lower right when answering questions—however, only check this box when sure, as you will not receive reputation.

FAQ for Community Wiki posts

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In the search bar enter


This will display all community wikis.

An example of community wikis are the FAQ.

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There isn't a Wikipedia-type site that you can edit. It's referring to Community Wiki posts. You're allowed to edit them once you hit 100 reputation.

See What are community wiki posts? for more information.

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