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When I add a tag to "Ignored tags", for example if I add 'android' tag, all the related tags (for example 'android-xml') should also be ignored, unless I explicitly added the related tag to "Interesting tags".

Maybe this option should be on-demand/configurable, but I am sure many users are facing this issue.

Maybe should also be the same with "Interesting tags" (i.e. include related-tags in interesting tags).

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This is already supported. You can use wildcards in the interesting and ignored tags. If you add android* as a tag to your ignored list, it will ignore android, android-xml, android-etc, etc.

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The thing is the system has to be smart and aware of tag-relations, for instance, I want to filter 'java' related tags, but I still want to have javascript not ignored. ITOH, I don't want to have javascript* in my "Interesting tags" either. Anyway, thanks for your help! – Shimmy Dec 23 '10 at 7:04
@Shimmy, Tags are not related like this though. Yes, the naming may follow a pattern, but there is no tag hierarchy. You could add java and java-* to your ignored tags to leave out special handling for javascript. – Rebecca Chernoff Dec 23 '10 at 7:06

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