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I think any means to make users use the search option reduces the number of duplicate questions. Therefore, I propose to encourage its use.

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I already saw "robo-editing" for getting the Strunk&White ... – Dr. belisarius Dec 30 '10 at 12:36
I don't think they would get lucky even with the "advanced" search options for finding duplicates – user150068 Dec 30 '10 at 17:40
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Although this is an interesting idea, I would suggest to not make the change for the following reasons:

  • Many duplicates are from new users who don't care or don't even know about badges and reputation. (Many of them don't even accept answers.)
  • There is not a good way to track if a person searched in order to prevent a duplicate. What would be the criteria for the badge? 100 searches? Would a user who searches for "bob" and then asks a duplicate question about SQL get credit toward the badge?
  • I think either punishing with negative reputation for duplicate questions or making the search box larger for new users would be a better investment.
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Yes, I think dupes should have a -2 (i.e. equivalent of a down vote by default) – Tim Nov 22 '14 at 12:34

Users who don't know that they should search before asking won't know that there are badges either.

Searching before asking is a common etiquette of all online communities and is better known to general public (i.e. new users) than badges.

Besides, I thought that badges were to be awarded for promoting good behavior. This would be promoting the absence of bad behavior.

It's like giving someone award for not robbing a store. It is expected behavior, not exemplary good.

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+1 for 'It's like giving someone award for not robbing a store. It is expected behavior, not exemplary good.' – Ghost User Dec 30 '10 at 14:04

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