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I was working on a userscript that uses <canvas> to manipulate the icons of various Stack Exchange chat sites. Because of security restrictions, I can't use the normal version from the sstatic server, so instead I considered the fact that older versions of IE will always look for the favicon in the /favicon.ico location.

I tried To my surprise, I got a 404 file not found error. The same occurs for MSO chat, but not SE chat. It also works for

I believe this to be a bug, not the fact that chat is dropping support for IE, since it actually works for the global SE chatroom.

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Rewrite rules have now been rewritten.

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I thought all images were stored on sstatic anyway? (Apart from flair images by the looks of it)

This appears to be some kind of redirect issue.

Browsing to should redirect to Unfortunately it doesn't - it redirects to

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