I was working on a userscript that uses <canvas> to manipulate the icons of various Stack Exchange chat sites. Because of security restrictions, I can't use the normal version from the sstatic server, so instead I considered the fact that older versions of IE will always look for the favicon in the /favicon.ico location.

I tried http://chat.stackoverflow.com/favicon.ico. To my surprise, I got a 404 file not found error. The same occurs for MSO chat, but not SE chat. It also works for http://stackoverflow.com/favicon.ico

I believe this to be a bug, not the fact that chat is dropping support for IE, since it actually works for the global SE chatroom.

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Rewrite rules have now been rewritten.

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I thought all images were stored on sstatic anyway? (Apart from flair images by the looks of it)

This appears to be some kind of redirect issue.

Browsing to http://chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/favicon.ico should redirect to http://sstatic.net/stackoverflowmeta/img/favicon.ico Unfortunately it doesn't - it redirects to http://sstatic.net/mso/favicon.ico

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