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In order to get an overview of the answers to a question, as a reader of "Best Practises", I want an option to see only the first line of every answer with a link to it.

Currently I read the answers sequentially. But when I want to go back to one answer I have to search all subpages until I find it.

This happened to me when I read What are Code Smells? What is the best way to correct them?

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You can use a search of inquestion:this when viewing the question, or you can supply the question number if you want to access from anywhere. For the example you gave (and this is going to be a link), inquestion:114342 works.

This presents you with a list of all the answers with the same kind of excerpt fashion used on the questions list - basically just the first sentence for most of them. If you need to, you can throw in additional search parameters to filter through the answers.

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Neat - but instead of being a hidden feature, it deserves to be a standard feature turned on if the no. of answers or total line length of answers exceeds some threshold. – smci Jul 17 '11 at 20:17

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