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When I go to I can see I am logged in.

I do a search for user:me [ssh], so I can find all questions I have asked or answered that are tagged with ssh

The search page then shows all results, not just ones that pertain to me. It also now says "log in" as if I am not logged in. Yet if I click the logo taking me to the home page it switches back to "John Isaacks log out" indicating that I am logged in.

I am not sure the bug is whats keeping me from searching all sites for user:me or not. So I am tagging it as both and

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I can see a bit of logic as to why it can't work in the current system. Your user id is generally going to be different for every site (including itself), so if the user:X operator actually worked your search results would be... very unrelated. However, as a feature request this would be something interesting to add, as it would require something more complex than how the user:me operator probably currently works. – Grace Note Jan 6 '11 at 21:35
up vote 7 down vote accepted search uses Google Custom Search instead of the Stack Exchange search. Thus, SE custom search operators are not available.

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Search is hard, let's go shopping! – Adam Davis Jan 6 '11 at 23:07

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