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Just had an exchange regarding this SO question:

Code Golf: Numeric Ranges

Since reading Jeffs' blog post about programmers and the FAQ on programmers, I was under the impression that code golfing questions should be asked on it rather than on SO.

In particular I mean the sections that explicitly allow:

  • Programming puzzles

However, as @SLaks notes in his comment, there is a distinct lack of these questions on programmers, while new ones do come up all the time on SO.

So, where should code golf questions go?

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Personally, I think they should go in /dev/null (code-golf appears on my SO ignored tags for a reason). – Powerlord Jan 11 '11 at 16:19
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The code golf questions go to Stack Overflow as stated here.

You might be interested in Code Golf & Programming Puzzles proposal.

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