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I did a cursory search for other questions similar to this, and while there were questions about tagging answers, they were more about the context of the answer, not information ABOUT the answer.

I was thinking a while back about some functionality that I might add if I were to implement a site similar to the SE network.

One of the first things I thought of was the ability to add meta tags to answers. Here's what I mean:

Suppose a question is very specific, pertaining to a certain technology (EF Code First, for example). Then, suppose someone gives an answer about NHibernate (not related to EF Code First, at least not directly)

I pondered on the effectiveness of the answer being tagged as not-relevant, or perhaps a general question that is asked that elicits an answer that is far too specific to be helpful be tagged as too-specific, etc.

At first, I wanted to capitalize on this feature on my own, but soon realized that it would be better and simpler to try to add it to the SE network.

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What's wrong with just down-voting (or flagging, if they're spam) off-topic answers? –  Shogging through the snow Jan 12 '11 at 22:07

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