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I would like to know what percentage of questions get answered in the ASP.NET-MVC tag.

To find this out I thought I would do a search to see how many pages of answered questions there are in that tag. So I typed in this:

[ASP.NET-MVC] isaccepted:1

Each of these search criteria works fine by its self ([ASP.NET-MVC] returns 639 pages and isaccepted:1 returns 25K pages). But, alas, when you put them together, you get no results.

So, either there are no answered questions on the ASP.NET-MVC tag (not true) or this does not work :(.

Is there another way to get the info I am looking for?

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An alternative is to go wild with SQL on – BalusC Feb 12 '11 at 1:35

Try [ASP.NET-MVC] hasaccepted:1. Returns 276 pages on 50 per page.

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