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I tagged mapping WCF getURL to string always returns NULL (Taleo SOAP) as .

I noticed it posted as which in my opinion is incorrect.

Microsoft refers to this version of .NET as simply "4", not "4.0". There is a tendency for many to follow 3.5 by writing 4.0 instead of 4 alone. Yes, I'm being picky but then so is C#.

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I hear what you're saying but I would disagree. I'd say Microsoft are being inconsistent in their documentation.

If MS ship .NET Framework 4.5 then would be inconsistent with the existing tagging regiment of mostly using both thing-major.minor versions in tags (for other frameworks, not just .NET).

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Hi Kev, you make a good point. I do agree that Microsoft is being very inconsistent; however, sadly, it's Microsoft's football to do with as Microsoft chooses. Fortunately, MS did not name it .NET IV or .NET 4.00000. B-) Anyhow, I'm only a bacteria on a flea on the tail of the MS dog and was therefore not even asked my opinion because, like yourself, I would have gone with .NET 4.0. Perhaps we can blame ScottGu. – gerryLowry Jan 13 '11 at 14:24
follow-up comment to Kev ... so changed my 4 to 4.0; if MS comes out with a 4.5, so could change any 4.0 back to 4. That could be one approach to tolerating MS's inconsistency imho. – gerryLowry Jan 13 '11 at 14:30

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