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I thing an example would speak best of all:

Just asked on Programmers (actually migrated from StackOverflow):

Please remind me of a famous programming quote!

There is a perfect duplicate:

Great programming quotes

But it's impossible to close the question as a duplicate because the duplicate is on another site.

How shall we proceed? Migrate the question back to SO?

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Likewise: among the many metas? Like on MSU What backend / CMS Scipting is this site running? was migrated from Super User, but its duplicate What was Stack Overflow built with? is at MSO. (Luckily, other duplicates that were once migrated from MSO to MSU still refer to that, so the chain of duplicates on MSU still gets one to MSO.) – Arjan Jan 13 '11 at 21:15
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I think the best course of action in this specific case would actually be to migrate the Great programming quotes question to P.SE. It's a better fit there than it is on SO. Then you could close the newer question as a duplicate like you want to.

In reference to the larger suggestion of being able to close a question as a duplicate of a question on another site, that just sounds too complicated and I doubt anyone would even use it much anyway. Think about it... how often is anyone going to go rooting around on another site looking for duplicates when users usually don't even search enough for duplicates on the current site they're on. Besides, if a duplicate exists on another site it sounds more like an issue to be dealt with by migration (i.e. one of them is probably in the wrong place).

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That probably makes sense to migrate that question to Programmers. – user136634 Jan 13 '11 at 21:08
I actually didn't leave on "rooting around" just remembered there was this particular question somewhere there so I only needed to get a link to it. Long-term members would probably do it but not newcomers that's true. – user136634 Jan 13 '11 at 21:10
I would use it. And users seem to tell us on Unix SE of crossposting all the time. – xenoterracide Jun 9 '11 at 2:02

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